If you had told me the day I snuck in that window that I would own a blog with traffic, would be working with a radio station and three of the coolest guys in the recovery community, I wouldn’t have believed you.

The past year of my life has been one crazy ride. I gave up drugs and picked up a mission. The day I typed addiction into the search bar on Facebook, I was shocked. I was an active regular social Facebook user, and I had no idea that this world, our world, even existed. You would think I would have run into a meme or something, but no, nothing.


People don’t realize it, but the addiction/recovery community works hard.  I got to thinking today about how I could measure success with the work I do.  Up until three weeks ago all I did was write in my blogs and spread awareness through posters/memes and news stories on social media. So how do you measure success with something so difficult to measure?

IF I HELP ONE PERSON, IT WILL BE WORTH IT.  We have probably all said, thought or at the very least heard this in our community.  So I have good news for you all.  Here goes:

Entering this community  I was in on Suboxone but wasn’t working a program, and my life sucked.  Just like an addict, I didn’t go through the front door of this community, I snuck around back and climbed in the window.  My road to recovery was Suboxone, period point blank ( suboxone saved my life, and this is just my story I believe whatever works- work it) I didn’t need a sponsor, meetings, a higher power or any of that, just Suboxone.  I was adamant about it.  After relapsing too many times to count in the past 20 years, I figured Suboxone was the best route for me.

I went to war with my family and my doctor over staying on Suboxone and being accepted for it.  So if I knew anything at all entering this community it was that I was an addict and I would be on Suboxone for the rest of my life.  I was 43.

If you had told me the day I snuck in that window that I would own a blog with traffic, would be working with a radio station and three of the coolest guys in the recovery community, I wouldn’t have believed you.

The past year of my life has been one crazy ride.  I gave up drugs and picked up a mission. The day I typed addiction into the search bar on Facebook, I was shocked.  I was an active regular social Facebook user, and I had no idea that this world, our world, even existed.  You would think I would have run into a meme or something, but no, nothing.

Within one year this community has turned my life around.  You gave me the strength to give up the Suboxone.  I learned that I am a whole lot tougher than I thought I was.  I found skills that I didn’t know I had and self-worth that I never had.  I have a resume that doesn’t have one single lie on it, and it still looks impressive.  I sold a business and opened three more.  I got two incredible opportunities to continue doing awareness work, but now I can eat too.

Now my friends are writers, artists, lawyers ( that I didn’t have to hire ) paralegals, and so much more.  You’ve taken the time to teach me and to build me up.  In this past year, you have given me life-enriching skills, relationships, experiences and even things to look forward to.

So I wanted to give you guys this Chrismas gift early.  Once I figured out the amazing gift that you guys gave me this year.  I couldn’t wait to give yours to you.

Thank you, for saving ME.


Open Letter to the Addict Haters

Dear Addict Haters:

Hello, you don’t know me but I am an addict.  I am one of the “junkies” you love to bash whenever someone mentions addiction on Social Media or hear it in conversation.  I know it’s hard to forgive the things we sometimes do because of our addiction but I have a question for you.


Obviously, I won’t get an answer to this question but think about it.  The thing that you hate that you did.  You know, that one thing that not too many people even know about. Well, what if everyone knew about it.  What if for the rest of your life you were labeled by that one act that you would erase in a second if you had the chance?

That is what being an addict is like, kind of.  Now I don’t feel like being an addict is the worst thing a person can be or do.  You, however, feel like it’s a terrible thing.   Don’t get me wrong, if I could erase it from my life I would.  In an instant, it would be gone, but I don’t have that option.  I can’t even do what you do and pretend that this thing I did, didn’t happen. In order for me to ensure it never happens again I have to work hard on making sure it doesn’t. If I don’t my disease will tell me I can have a drink or do a line and not fall back into full-blown addiction, but I will.


Let me guess, you are thinking, addiction is not a disease…it’s a choice, right?

 Yes, all addiction starts with a choice.

The same damn choice you made when you were young and hanging out with friends.

You drank the same beer I drank.

The same pot I smoked.

You even tried the same line of white stuff someone put in front of you at a party.

You were able to walk away and not take it to the extreme.

Since I have the disease, I will spend the rest of my life either struggling to stay high or fighting to stay clean.

As  children, we don’t decide we would rather be an addict instead of a cop.

You don’t see children pretending that their dolls and stuffed animals are dope sick.

When is the last time you talked to a little girl that told you she couldn’t wait to grow up so she could turn tricks to feed the insatiable hunger of her drug addiction?

My best friend didn’t tell me about exciting  plans to become homeless.

My Dad, not one time, told my Mother to think twice before marrying him because he had high hopes of becoming an angry drunk.

My sister in law didn’t blow out her candles as a child wishing for an  S.U.D.  ( Substance Use Disorder ) because she couldn’t wait for the day her children were taken into foster care.

Nobody WANTS to have Substance Use Disorder.

Some of us just do.

So always remember –






If you still have doubts you can take those up with the Center for Disease Control ( CDC ) or the United States Surgeon General.  Since they have classified addiction as a disease, but then again I am sure you know more about it than they do, right


So to you, I pray that you don’t have to reevaluate these opinions because you find out your child or parent is an addict.  If you do, just know that we will accept you into our community. We will help your loved one.  Do you know why we would do that?  Because we are good people that just want the chance to live like everyone else.

So please, before you post another post bashing people who are suffering think about it. Not only are you hurting the people who, have the disease, you could be hurting everyone that loves them.  You have people on your friend’s lists or that overhear you at work who have children who are suffering right this moment from addiction.  What did they do to deserve the awful things you put out into the universe, that does nothing but perpetuate hate and judgment?

You have a right to your opinion, but no matter what, hurting people is wrong.




Tips When Starting A Facebook Page For Business or Cause.

Would you like to start a Facebook page for your business or cause? Let me take you step by step through the things I found helpful and those that were a waste of time. If you follow my hints you will have a successful page before you know it.

Let’s get started.

The more you put into your page the more you and others will get out of it.

Choosing a name, obviously, if you are starting a page for your business you need to use that name. If you are starting a page for a cause or just for laughs it helps people find you if your name says what your page is about.

For instance, if I am trying to promote ribbons I would use ribbon in my name with something catchy before or after it. My page is a cause page for awareness of the heroin epidemic. That is why I used Heroin News. We share up to date news articles and even write our own articles on our blog and then I share to my facebook page. It works great.

Be sure to create the address for your page with the same name. That way people can find you easily. You can create the link in the about section of your page. See example below:


Invite all your personal friends to like your new page and encourage them to share your posts. Every time your posts are shared there is a like button attached that people will click and that means more followers.

Join groups of like-minded people if you are a cause. For a business that has a physical address, you want to join groups in the area of your business address.

We post with the hope that it will be shared and seen. People sharing your posts is important. It’s the best way to get your posts in front of as many people as possible. That is why it is extremely important to always check notifications.

You need to be sure to say thank you. It will be tedious work but it will build loyalty to your brand or page. A quick comment under the post on their page simply saying, Thank you for sharing our post. You will be surprised how much it will help your page grow.

Another plus to commenting on shared posts is that every person who sees that post will see your page name and might follow your link to check out your page. I have gotten loads of new followers this way.

Read the comments on your page and respond. People like to feel important and if they are engaging in your page by sharing, commenting and/or liking your posts, they deserve your attention. This will also breed loyalty plus they ARE important.

If someone is being rude you can hide the comment after clicking the down arrow in the top right corner of the post itself. Facebook will then ask you if you wish to ban this person from your page. This is of course up to you and their offense. See example, of rude comment and the tiny arrow in the top right corner of the comment.


Find other pages that have lots of followers and as your page comment, like and share things that work with your specific page. Always comment Shared to __________. You share ethically by hitting the share button on their post. By doing these things the page itself may notice you and check out your page. With any luck, they follow your page and share a post or two. Not to mention anyone that sees the post that you engaged with will see the name of your page and may begin following you as well.

WHETHER YOU LIKE MEMES/POSTERS OR NOT FACEBOOK USERS LOVE THEM. Make your own posters/memes for your page and you will be twenty times more likely to be shared by your followers as well as other pages.
Websites/Apps to create posters/memes
The app
These can all be used free or paid. It’s all Heroin News and Holy Addiction uses. It’s also fun to experiment.

Facebook has an awesome feature that allows you to schedule your posts so they are spread out. The more you post the larger your chances of being shared, however people will get frustrated if you post twenty things in a roll because it clogs up their timeline. People will unlike your page if this happens.

You can also sit down and in one sitting schedule the posts for a few days or week ahead. You still need to check your page regularly to respond to messages, reply to comments and say thank you when you get a share. The schedule button is inside of the post button. On the right, you will see an arrow click that and you will see the schedule option.


Never make anyone an Admin on your page. Many pages have been stolen because of making this mistake. You can still get help with your page by adding them as an editor. This way they can do everything the owner of the page can but cannot make major changes to the page, like change the name or block you from your own page.  Your page will show the name of the person who posted on every post. Those following the page cannot see this, it’s only visible to you or your editors.  Keep this in mind so that if needed you can ask them to add their name to any messages they answer or comments on posts.  That way your customers or followers will know who they spoke with.   An editor has access to your messages on the page as well. There are other roles you can choose. Check them out and decide for yourself.

Celebrate with your followers when your page reaches milestones. When you reach 100 likes on your page post a poster that says Thank you for helping us reach 100 likes, we couldn’t have done it without you. Then make another every hundred after. Once you make it to one thousand start celebrating for every thousand.


When I first started my page I made a bunch of rookie mistakes. This is a list of the most important ones.

1. Memes that other people create are that person’s intellectual property. People spend time, money and thought into making these Meme’s or posters as I like to call them. Don’t make the mistake of downloading other people’s work and posting it to your page. This is why this is important.  After you begin making your own memes/posters you will see how much work and love go into them.  Those memes/posters are someone’s intellectual property.

a. If it is wrong, don’t do it.

b. If you do it and someone reports you for stealing their intellectual property Facebook can and will shut down your page.

c. The other pages and groups that are putting out memes that fit your page are the people you want to network with, you don’t want to piss them off.

2. Boosting posts is a complete rip-off. Don’t do it!! I wasted way too much money with little to no evidence that it got me any more followers.

3. If you join groups and begin sharing to the groups be cautious because Facebook Jail is very real and they get upset if you post too fast or too much to groups. There are two pages I know of that were made unable to share to groups for 30 days or more.

I hope this article helps. It would have been awesome for me to have had this information when I started. Helping others is a new addiction of mine so I hope this serves you well.

If you have questions about any of this or something else please comment below this article on the website and I will answer your questions. That way others will be able to use that information as well.

All these tips can be used for Twitter too, at least the basic idea.  I am just now getting involved in Twitter.  I will keep you posted on my progress.


Written by Holy Addiction’s Author JoAnn Miller

To see original article click :    Heroin News

Published Sept. 11, 2016