Open Letter to the Addict Haters

Dear Addict Haters:

Hello, you don’t know me but I am an addict.  I am one of the “junkies” you love to bash whenever someone mentions addiction on Social Media or hear it in conversation.  I know it’s hard to forgive the things we sometimes do because of our addiction but I have a question for you.


Obviously, I won’t get an answer to this question but think about it.  The thing that you hate that you did.  You know, that one thing that not too many people even know about. Well, what if everyone knew about it.  What if for the rest of your life you were labeled by that one act that you would erase in a second if you had the chance?

That is what being an addict is like, kind of.  Now I don’t feel like being an addict is the worst thing a person can be or do.  You, however, feel like it’s a terrible thing.   Don’t get me wrong, if I could erase it from my life I would.  In an instant, it would be gone, but I don’t have that option.  I can’t even do what you do and pretend that this thing I did, didn’t happen. In order for me to ensure it never happens again I have to work hard on making sure it doesn’t. If I don’t my disease will tell me I can have a drink or do a line and not fall back into full-blown addiction, but I will.


Let me guess, you are thinking, addiction is not a disease…it’s a choice, right?

 Yes, all addiction starts with a choice.

The same damn choice you made when you were young and hanging out with friends.

You drank the same beer I drank.

The same pot I smoked.

You even tried the same line of white stuff someone put in front of you at a party.

You were able to walk away and not take it to the extreme.

Since I have the disease, I will spend the rest of my life either struggling to stay high or fighting to stay clean.

As  children, we don’t decide we would rather be an addict instead of a cop.

You don’t see children pretending that their dolls and stuffed animals are dope sick.

When is the last time you talked to a little girl that told you she couldn’t wait to grow up so she could turn tricks to feed the insatiable hunger of her drug addiction?

My best friend didn’t tell me about exciting  plans to become homeless.

My Dad, not one time, told my Mother to think twice before marrying him because he had high hopes of becoming an angry drunk.

My sister in law didn’t blow out her candles as a child wishing for an  S.U.D.  ( Substance Use Disorder ) because she couldn’t wait for the day her children were taken into foster care.

Nobody WANTS to have Substance Use Disorder.

Some of us just do.

So always remember –






If you still have doubts you can take those up with the Center for Disease Control ( CDC ) or the United States Surgeon General.  Since they have classified addiction as a disease, but then again I am sure you know more about it than they do, right


So to you, I pray that you don’t have to reevaluate these opinions because you find out your child or parent is an addict.  If you do, just know that we will accept you into our community. We will help your loved one.  Do you know why we would do that?  Because we are good people that just want the chance to live like everyone else.

So please, before you post another post bashing people who are suffering think about it. Not only are you hurting the people who, have the disease, you could be hurting everyone that loves them.  You have people on your friend’s lists or that overhear you at work who have children who are suffering right this moment from addiction.  What did they do to deserve the awful things you put out into the universe, that does nothing but perpetuate hate and judgment?

You have a right to your opinion, but no matter what, hurting people is wrong.




Author: Recovery Reports


77 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Addict Haters”

      1. I’m sorry but it’s not going to happen to me. Drug affects chose to do drugs. This letter assumes that everyone drinks, smokes pot and tries cocaine and the one’s who don’t get addicted from experimenting are lucky. NO! I’m sorry but this is a pathetic letter making excuses for bad decisions. I understand you become physically dependent at some point but you brought that on yourself. Why don’t you spend some time with people who have life-threatening disease through no fault of their own? They’re the people who get my support. Addicts lie and manipulate to hide what they do. They steal to keep their addiction fed then when everything catches up to them they cry about it. Then go do it again. No sympathy here! You made bad choices. Be accountable.

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      2. I do drink socially. It’s not by luck I’m not an addict. That’s ridiculous. Its not because your unlucky you became an addict. Don’t tell me you had one beer, smoked pot once or tried a line of colds. No I don’t smoke pot or do cocaine. Does that mean I’m not cool like you? You assume everybody tries or does drugs. I would never dream of shooting something into my veins. Take responsibility for your actions.

        As for your diabetes argument try educating yourself. That might be hard since you chose to fry your brain cells. Likening addiction to diabetes is crazy. I guess you also liken your “addiction” to cancer. You addicts make me laugh that you’re fighting for your life. You chose and created your own problems. You love the attention and the victim mentality is pervasive. Grow up, be accountable and stop whining.


      3. I’m happy to get off your page. Typical addict. Your letter is addressed to haters. If people don’t feel sorry for you think we’re haters. I have a great deal of empathy and understanding for people who get addicted to prescription medicine that was taken as prescribed for legitimate illness. If you became dependent from recreation use then I’m not sympathetic. To me that’s a choice to use drugs. What’s the purpose of your page and posting this letter? Are you trying to educate and create awareness? If so educate why I should feel bad for people who take street drugs and drink to excess.

        Pain meds work differently when you have true need due to pain. Your letter haters isn’t about addiction in cases of people having legitimate needs. It mentions weed and cocaine. Instead of being a typical addict and crying when you don’t get sympathy why don’t you educate and be clear about what the path was to your addiction. Did you abuse the pills prescribed to you? Were they even prescribed to you or did you self medicate buying on the streets? I have understanding for you if you had a legitimate health need at some time. Many addicts I’ve seen in my life made bad choices. They destroyed their families and friends. They lied and stole. They used illegal drugs for fun. To get a high.

        I’d rethink this post. You’re not trying to change the minds of “haters”. You’re done exactly what I have experienced from other addicts. No accountability and whining. Why do you think a letter to “haters” is necessary? Do you see letters to “haters” about cancer, diabetes or other diseases? No, addicts have “haters” because many did this to themselves through bad choices. If you got hooked on pain meds due to legitimate pain I don’t see you as the same. This is my right to have an opinion. If you posted this letter to have meaningful dialogue now is your chance.


      4. No when people say hateful things they are haters. You are feel to your opinion but I never asked you to feel sorry for anyone. I asked you to not be hateful, you couldn’t. Bye


    1. I love how people say its always a choice and we chose to be an addict. Come out of your white suburben neighborhood, and see what happens in the united states. I was 13yrs old when my offender started to force feed me “feel good vitamins” and by 14yrs old I was hooked on opiates. Being sexual abuse by my foster parent that the states said I would be safe with. Started to love when I would get my now vitamin shot of “herion” I knew nothing about, except it made things easier to deal with and I wasn’t cold shaking sweating and throwing up from a sickness I didn’t choose. And when I said there are many young girls forced to do heroin and pills and then pimped out at some sickos pleasure. So before you say we deserve what we created you should stop and think, well maybe not all addicts chose this maybe they are a good person maybe I shouldn’t say they Dont deserve to live. Because getting clean after 8yrs of being in a constant drug induced state was so hard not only because of how sick I got but because now I had nothing that made all those horrible thing si went threw go away. Stop judging and being hateful.

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    1. I believe every word was well spoken..sometimes the truth hurts,but to be able to admit to such a horrible disease,that in its self is courageous..! For anyone,I mean.I myself am caught in between two worlds,wanting so very much to maintain a sober life yet I cannot seem to convince myself that all drugs are drugs I tend to say that’s not that bad at least I’m not doing this one or at least I’m not getting drunk….blah.blah.blah it s all a uphill battle some days are better than others….kendall

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      1. Kendall i struggled with the same thing. I went back and forth with it for a long time. Heres what i realized. Our diseaase is evil, and drugs/ alcohol may not be what sets you off. I dont drink a beer and run it til the wheels fall off, thats opiates for me. But my FATAL disease is a disease and must be treated and i dont remember that when i smoke or drink or do other drugs. I back off of everything i do to maintain not picking up opiates again and find myself strung out eventually. The last time i finally learned. Alcohole, weed, whatever it is may not be my addiction problem but it prevents me from my solution, from my treatment that is necessary to stay clean, to live.

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  1. Thank you for this. My son was just sent to prison for 4-20 for being an addict. People need to learn and understand They need to feel what I and everyone who loves an addict is feeling. My son hates what addiction has made him. It’s heartbreaking.

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  2. That chilled me to the soul. I had never heard it put out there with so much feeling, so much pain. And never had I realized others felt the same as I do. Thank you.

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    1. Did you ever have a drink or get prescribed drugs for pain after surgery? I don’t think you are understanding that not all addicts “did this to themselves”! It’s like a bee sting–some people get stung and are ok. Others may have a reaction or possibly even die after one sting! Should they never walk outside again? And what about a bee that gets in the house? I know it’s not the same thing—I’m just showing that we can’t always control what happens to us even when we know the risks! Judge not what you do not know! Not one person wants to be an addict! Instead of judging when you don’t know the circumstances–how about just be grateful that you haven’t been personally touched by the pain of it all. You may have a child or a friend or a doctor or a nurse that is though—–be careful because you might not even know! Years ago it was bad enough if you tried a cigerette—now kids can die after making one mistake! If you never made any mistakes—if you never needed prescription meds—if you never dealt with anxiety or depression—if you raised your children and taught them all you know and they made a mistake—would you hate them? Would you not feel tremendous pain if you couldn’t help or save them? If your friend had cancer and became addicted to pain meds, would you feel nothing if he couldn’t get off the meds once “addicted”? If you still have no real understanding of this kind of pain—then you are very lucky—not just righteous and smart!

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  3. I see where you are coming from Gail. ‘My sister is an “addict” I have gone to parties with her only to keep an eye on her, to make sure she was safe, that someone wasn’t just going to leave her alone in a room or wherever, unconscious. Sometimes pain is so overwhelming you want it to stop, even for a minute. People who are in pain, don’t want to end their lives or hurt others, they want an escape. My sister has overdosed 4 times in front of me. the last time she did, I didn’t cry, I wanted her to be free, i wanted her pain to stop. I’m proud to say my sister is 8 years clean. She has never been and never will be in my eyes an addict. So your right… it is a choice. It’s a choice for them to choose life over suicide to stop whatever pain they are feeling, just for a moment to breathe.
    I’m sorry you feel the way you do, but those “addicts” you feel are so wrong in judgement. I see the opposite. I see those who struggle during addiction. I see their pain, their loniless, but I also see love. When they find themselves again, the love they have for everyone and everything is truly amazing, and an inspiration. You should really open your eyes, your missing out on some great people, show them love and you could save them.


  4. To the poor soul whom lost their way… first off, God bless you and I wish you all the positive vibrations in the world. I mostly wish you the best on your path to recovery, you CAN & WILL do it, I have faith. Secondly, I do not dispute that addiction is a fatal disease of the brain. However; for us on the receiving end of the spectrum, our loved ones (the addict) has hurt or violated us more than once. Hence, some of the bitterness coming from others, maybe…. just some insight from the other side.

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  5. People don’t use drugs! don’t you dare use drugs to help you get threw everyday after you have been sexually abused as a child or beaten By your parent growing up. For god sake don’t use drugs because you watched your friend kill himself by accident with a gun he was cleaning and you better not even think of using drugs to Be able to live with your depression or your eating disorder. here’s a good one don’t use drugs to forget that while you were getting high you passed out in a hotel room and when you woke up your boyfriend is laying next to you dead from an overdose and he’s long passed being able to be resuscitated. the only thing you had left in this world gone. now your all alone.. The other half of you is gone. Your left to live in this hell alone. You scream at god why not you. But come on don’t you know that you arnt to pick up drugs cause you know what it will do. that’s the issue, we do. how can anyone judge an addict? you have no idea the path god has asked them to walk through. God is the only one that can judge every soul and he’s said clearly he doesn’t need anyones Help. So while those who have chosen to Judge the actions of an addict they don’t even know Ill pray for you . When you ask god to forgive your tresspasses ask yourself why do you think an addict doesn’t deserve the same. If anyone of you are wondering what hell looks like look into the eyes of a still sick and suffering addict. don’t judge them pray for them. if your still doubtfull attend a funeral of an addict who lost their fight w this disease, head up to the casket where their kids are crying and make sure you tell them their mom or dad chose to leave them. most important don’t forget to tell those kids in ten years don’t u dare use drugs to block out your parent overdosed and left you by choice. according to some ignorant person on social media .don’t you dare do it you know what it could do. Its an epedemic people and you can look any way you like sitting up their on your high horse. I’m far from perfect god only knows but I can tell you for certain when the day comes and it will, god wont be asking me to account for why I thought it was my place to judge another soul for being sick with a disease. As mentioned in the letter above the american medical association defined alcoholism a disease in the 1950s then a decade later put addiction to drugs,sex , gambling, and so on under the same definition. I have people on my friends list who actually shared the original post on their page stating its not a disease but a choice and I usually don’t speak out about my disease On fb but thats crossing the line. to say its a choice couldn’t be further from the truth. My addiction leaves me with no choice. No one chooses this life not one of us chooses this pain . It was never a choice. But as mentioned in the letter take solace in knowing that when someone you love and care about suffers from this disease we wont dare judge them or publically ridicule them we will love them until they can love them selves again. You can say it wont happen to you or anyone you love but its an epedemic and one that’s spreading fast. Instead of judging get involved educate yourself on this disease. volunteer and help. Some of the best people I know have this disease. Stop judging please. Why don’t you make the choice to help a suffering addict or just make the choice to stop judging.

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    1. I’m the one on the other side! I have become hard hearted over DRUG’S! I watch my grandchildren go without,heroin where they could of very easily gotten a hold of it. Needles that could of hurt them. How would you explain to the doctor how your child got a hold of these things? I have had over $2,500.00 in just one ring stollen. Not counting $1,500.00 stollen in 4 other rings that my mom bought me or gave me as a child. They know (the addict) what they’re doing before they ever do and what could happen.I call it a sickness,I have a disease (diabetes) and it’s killing me,because of the stress that my daughter n her children go through because their dad just wanted to know what was so great about heroin and uses all the other drugs.I PRAY all addicts find God and never has a desire to use again! The dealer’s I hope you get caught and sent to prison for killing people for the rest of your life!

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    1. Pam, it sounds like you’ve had a tough life but so have many others. Turning to illegal drugs isn’t the answer. You had choices here. Many people have abuse in their background and don’t turn to illegal drugs. Your boyfriend wasn’t really a boyfriend if he did drugs wit you. That’s not love. It sounds like you made a choice to self medicate using illegal drugs. That is your choice! There is help for abuse victims. I think your post is a bit dramatic and that’s part of playing the role of victim. The addicts I’ve run across and believe me I try to stay away from people who make choices but the ones I’ve seen love attention and embellish things so they can play victim. Sorry but somebody has to call it like they see it even if hurts your feelings.

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      1. Catherine, why are you so angry? You sound like a miserable shallow minded lady with no empathy or sympathy for anyone but yourself because God forbid your small mind think outside the box for a half a second. Let me ask you a question where did you go to school at to be so educated about addiction that you know that in fact it’s not a disease at all but an act of drama and a plea for sympathy by so many people across the world?? Your whole post on how pain pills work differently if you have legit pain is a load of crap!! They work the exact same towards pain in an addict and a non addict they fill your receptors just same as herion, cocaine etc what makes them work differently is when combined with the brain of an addict they trigger a want and then a need for that pain medication when those receptors are not full at that point you may not be physically dependent but because the disease has been fed your addiction begins at the hands of a doctor you trust with your life. Is it ok if a doctor awakens your disease? Are you saying it’s ok to be an addict if they have a prescription every month? Also she not once did she ask you or anyone else to feel sorry for her! She did hold herself accountable something I doubt you have ever done in your life. Last I looked you up on Facebook because you really struck a nerve with me and I found you may have your own hidden addiction you failed to shine light on in your rant… you named every addiction you found unacceptable but what about yours?? I’m not here to insult you but you are a little on the heavy side. Do you ever find yourself struggling with yourself at 12 am debating on eating that last cupcake left over from a party or looking over a restaurant menu 15 times while pulled between the salad or the pizza?? Food is an addiction as well so just try to open your mind and think how hard it is to turn away that cake and eat jello instead!! That’s how we feel times 1,000!! Don’t act like you don’t know the struggle atleast a tiny bit because by the way you look you obviously do! Ones more last thing just because you over eat are we supposed to feel sorry for you when stuck behind you struggling to walk up the stairs to work and making us late or cramped up beside you on an air plane?? Get a grip lady it’s a choice remember?? Put those chips down and pull yourself together after all you expect us to beat ourselves down because who we are so go look in the mirror and see yourself for who you really are!! It’s not as pretty as you think!

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  6. As a recovering addict who is not ashamed to be one, I thank you for being so honest and brave. This is so spot on and everything you wrote is facts! People who don’t know what it’s like to struggle daily have no idea what it is like to be suffering and feel all alone! All I can say is I feel sorry for that persons mother. She is probably a good woman who raised her son right and is shaking her head at what he has just thrown out on social media. I actually feel sorry for him for he had no idea what he was actually saying and I’m sure he is kicking himself now for saying it. We need more compassionate, intelligent people in this world like you and less undereducated and emotionless egotistical nasty human beings like him spewing out nonsense on social media. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for being so brave and well just being you!

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  7. Hi there, I’m an editor at The Huffington Post. What a powerful piece! We’d love to share your piece on our site as well. Feel free to reach out to me at hayley [dot] miller [at] huffingtonpost [dot] com. Hope to hear from you!

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  8. Oct 12,2016 we lost our son to addiction. He was 21 years old. He spent the last 12 months of his life in rehab and halfway house. He had a heart of gold trying to help everyone around him. His eyes and smile lit up the room. Then he relapsed and died that night. He didn’t look like a “junkie”. He looked like a fine young man into physical fitness and weights. He loved his son, hunting and fishing. He made a mistake that controlled him. He used heroin once and was addicted. Don’t think it can’t happen to you or your family it can happen to anyone. Addiction doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, what color your skin is or how popular you are.

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  9. Unlike many of us I do NOT believe it’s a disease. I believe it is a MENTAL DISORDER. Treatable but not curable. That being said most people in this narcissistic world decipher their opinions based on an ignorant standpoint. The reality is that even after 5 years of sobriety, the loss of a fiancé and almost another did I find myself living for the only one who can save us from this…GOD ALMIGHTY. On the floor of a jailhouse court yard I was given the advice that saved my life and family and it came from the only manual life comes with…THE BIBLE. ONLY UNTILL PEOPLE CHOOSE NOT TO REMAIN IGNORANT WILL THIS EPIDEMIC CHANGE. I’m one of the lucky ones. My sister in law lost her 20 y/o brother to this trash of a life called heroine addiction. YES TRASH.ITS TRASH. You must put it out not to stink but the only way to continue to be and smell clean is to have it picked up by the trash man and carried away from your life. Only GOD is that powerful. This is satans playground and he lurks as a lion seeking whom he may devour. PHARMAKIA IS HIS FIRST CHOICE OF DESTRUCTION. He controls your mind,he then controlls you. Seek GOD to stay sober ajd education is key to surviving.

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  10. I have not had an addiction but have had several family members that have fought with addiction. I do hate the addiction! After the heartbreak of not being able to trust a loved one, the emotional and financial toll on everyone is tremendous with just one individual with an addiction. My only saving grace aside from not personally having had an addiction is that my loved ones addictions were not all at the same time.

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  11. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m 10 months clean and I’m fighting to do what I need to do so I can see my kids that my ex husband took from me. I was one of those people who laughed when I was told it’s not my fault I’m like this. I was so against drug’s, after finding out that someone I cared about and spent my life with had been hiding it from me for most of our life together I decided I wanted to see what this big deal was about it. I should of never tried it. cause I couldn’t stop as much as I hated seeing how my life was going I couldn’t stop that’s when my kids got taken from me. it only got worse I tried heroin and it was the end. my life was spiraling out if control and it was like i was watching it but couldn’t stop it. till one morning I couldn’t take it. I got help 10 months now and though I don’t go back to using I do get back into the behavior of it. sleeping all day crying just feed up with life and don’t want to go on. when I think I am doing ok someone who doesn’t understand will say something that hurts when it turns into if you could walk a mile in my shoes you would see. I hate that I have it but I’m also proud that I do. I’m a stronger more understanding person because of it. so thank you for sharing that and putting into words that I’ve tried so many times to do myself. god bless you

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  12. Now I don’t mean this offensively at all. I wish nothing but the best for you, and all others who are suffering from addiction. I’ve lost loved ones, and others are in jail. I may not entirely understand the situation as I’m not an addict, but I want to. So I apologize in advance if my curiosity and wish to understand comes off ignorant, it’s not my intention.

    As someone who loves a few people with addiction, I still disagree with this to a degree. Do I believe that some people do have a disorder or addictive gene or personality, absolutely. But the point still stands, why risk trying things, especially illegal things, on the off chance you won’t get addicted? It’s not rocket science that your brain works off of chemicals, and that drugs and alcohol mess with these chemicals to make you crave them. Most man-made chemicals are addictive and terrible for you. Anything that alters your brain should make you weary. It’s also not rocket science that if you notice addictive behavior or compulsions within your family, even with non-drug related things, that this could mean that something in your genetic chemistry might give you a predisposition to addiction and you should attempt to avoid this. I also don’t agree with the “you made the same choices I did” statement. I mean, I have yet to even meet someone who offers me coke, heroin, etc. I could understand this happening years ago before scientific research showed us the dangers, the statistics on how many people do get addicted, etc, but in this day and age, it’s pretty easy to see that this isn’t a good idea. I know that once you’re addicted it’s easier for some people to beat their addiction than others, which shows the different levels of susceptibility to addiction, and I firmly believe that addicts do deserve help. One bad decision shouldn’t ruin your whole life. But at the same time, I just have to wonder how stupid you have to be to even try these things knowing the risks. Yes, I understand that some people fall into a hole after using prescription pills for an actual ailment and then get hooked, and look for that high anywhere they can get it. That’s not their fault. Also the people who self medicate without realizing, because they already have chemical imbalances in their brain, and therefore mental disorders that may not be diagnosed. But the person who had no good reason, no pain or mental issues, that just woke up and decided to try it because “why not?” those are the people I don’t understand. I’ve asked love ones who suffer from addiction why they even tried it, and I have yet to get an answer besides ” I don’t know.” I do believe that addicts aren’t necessarily bad people because they are addicts. There are plenty of people who aren’t addicts who are bad people, and vice versa. I believe that they are suffering and that they need and deserve help and support to escape what they’ve gotten themselves into, but the old addage, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want help, remains true. An addict has to want it themselves deep down to truly recover, they can’t be forced into it, or they will fall into the same hole. I guess my whole point is, how hard is it not to even try these drugs in the first place? Not very. I’ve never even considered it. I don’t like that the author of this letter normalizes trying drugs, it makes it seem like it is okay to try them, but it’s really not. Why risk becoming someone you hate? Normalizing it isn’t going to prevent future addicts, and an addict should know more than anyone how much they wouldn’t want to be one if they could help it. When people didn’t know any better, that was one thing, but these days, there’s a plethora of information out there. It just hurts me to love someone (a few people) plagued with addiction and not being able to understand why they even tried it in the first place. I guess I just want to understand.

    Sorry for the long rant, but as a fanily member of quite a few addicts, you have to know how much this has affected me. The letter itself was well written, and I agree that addicts don’t deserve to be looked at as scum, some people are even functioning addicts, some have the kindest hearts I’ve ever encountered. I know they aren’t bad people, and it’s a shame that one decision could cause so much chaos, but knowing that, I just know I wouldn’t try drugs personally, because I wouldn’t want to take the gamble of whether or not I’d be a functioning person, or lose all the remnants of myself. It’s just a risk I don’t understand taking.

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    1. You are absolutely right that we shouldn’t have tried pot for the first time because its illegal but most of us do it as teens and have no clue that smoking a joint or getting drunk will trigger our disease. Once we allow a substance into our bodies, no matter how innocent that substance is it is just the beginning for us. If you are able to have a drink and walk away you don’t have the disease of addiction. Its as simple as that. Thank you for commenting and reading my blog.


  13. LOVE this post. You’ve raised such valid points with fact based arguments. I applaud you!!! I was married to a man for 17 years who is an alcoholic. I don’t hate him anymore because once I left I began to understand him a bit more. ALANON taught me to love the man but not accept the behaviour. I never really understood this until a recent relationship with a man who was also an alcoholic and had been homeless. This experience really opened my eyes and as traumatic as the relationship was I am very grateful for the path of education it took me down. AA made an open meeting just to accommodate me and their stories have made an indelible and forever lasting impress on me. My entire outlook changed. Addiction is not a choice, as is the bipolar disorder I suffer from. They are both genetic in origin. Just as my bipolar, addiction is an illness caused by different wiring in the brain, differing chemical balances. For both, the symptoms are unpredictable and wreak havoc for those around us. Together we live lives with an illness that is beyond our control. I am greatly touched by courageous stories of recovery. I support you in whatever way I can. Christopher Barna needs to redirect his misplaced anger into something positive that he feels passionate about, perhaps make a proper difference instead of labeling people and cause further damage to already low self esteem, self confidence, guilt and shame. I doubt he even considered the possibility that his silly diatribe may have pushed someone vulnerable over the edge back into their addiction.

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  14. As someone who has been clean for fourteen and a half years and now works in treatment, thank you for writing this! And for those folk who think “Illegal/recreational drugs should have never been tried”, think on this: As many as 38% of the opiate addicts today were prescribed pain meds for a legitimate reason. They had no idea that what was legally prescribed to them would take them down this path. Yes, taking the first drug was a choice. But by the time I realized I was in trouble, I had no choice.

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  15. Reblogged this on Making it write and commented:
    I could have reblogged this on my addiction site, but it would only have been read by those who already know the truth of Joanne’s words, so I’ve chosen to post it onto this site.
    Joanne is a brave recovering addict, who puts a lot of energy and love into supporting those affected by addiction, and educating people on the subject. Without knowledge and empathy, we cannot fight this monster which is eating up our children.

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  16. Great letter. Every time I see a “hate” post about a celebrity or politician or any other individual in a relationship with a harmful substance, it breaks my heart for that person and the legions of people connected to that person. Very well done. Many thanks.

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  17. What ppl fail to realize is that not all addicts start out by smoking pot or doing a line, in fact a lot of addicts like myself get addicted after having surgery, or have suffered a terrible accident and were prescribed painkillers so readily by a physician, addiction and alcoholism is a disease, whether some ppl wanna admit it or not. Plain and simple fact is that some ppls brains react differently when it comes to controlled substances. I was miss squeaky clean before I became addicted to opiates after my 1st C section, when I was sent home on 240 Darvocet. I started out taking just one extra at night to help ease the pain of my stinging throbbing c section incision, and I won’t go into detail, only to say that one more led to 2 more and 2 to 3, etc etc, til I seen myself spiraling out of control. I have since spent the past 8yrs struggling to stay clean and relapsing, getting clean and relapsing. I didn’t wake up one day and say Hmmm I think I want to be an opiate addict. Yes we may make poor choices, but it’s cuz of the haters and judgemental ppl that makes it hard for ppl like me to ask for help. I commend ur letter, and for those who did try a line, or smoke a bowl, and don’t have the brain chemistry to make u want more, consider urselves lucky.


  18. I am not an addict, but I have a 10 year old that hasnt seen her father in 2 years and the person i loved for 12 years is no longer the same person. Thank you for posting. It was real and it was raw and people need to stop falling into all their suburban ass judgements or just not post. He has been battling demons for years. I dont even have to speculate why hes doing this. He doesnt want to feel pain and deal with emotions. I love him and please dont take this the wrong way, but i feel like of he werent here we would at least know where he was. My daughter thinks hes had a cold the whole time. I cant tell her the truth, shes a child. He drives a semi and stll uses unaware he could harm himself or others. I am pissed. But i love him but i cant change him because it gets to a point where they have to pull themselves out of the gutter. My heart is with other families that go through this but i am sick to my stomach reading the horrible putdowns. I have bipolar, am i a unsaved piece of shit. Thanks again for your post.


  19. Most Lung Cancer happens because they decide to have a smoke so I guess that isn’t a disease, for people that got it from smoking because they choose to light that smoke. For people that are addicted and the reason it’s a disease is because it’s already part of them even before they started, so that one line, one drink that is all it took. One high school party hanging with friends. Everyone is different. Everyone handles things differently. But to say it’s not a disease because you choose to do it, is like saying if you smoked then Lung cancer isn’t a disease cause they brought it on themselves. Sounds crazy right??


  20. My 29 year old daughter just got a 6 year sentence for stealing due to her drug addiction.I know it it a disease of the brain,so when these people that don’t understand addiction make ignorant comments because they like to kick a person when they are down,make me really wonder what kind if idiots we are dealing with.The American Medical Association has already named it a disease many,many years ago.My God it is all over the place,and strikes even strong ,smart,and very talented people.Each addict has their own personal story.They are everywhere…your Doctor or Dentist or teacher can be an addict,so stop the judging.Addictions cause more deaths than any other illnesses put together…It can be food, cigarettes,booze,gambling,hard drugs,pills, on and on.There have been numerous brain scans done on the addictive brain…and guess what? their brains ARE different than the so called normies.In most cases addicts have higher IQ’S than normies.Thats why so many smart and talented people are or were addicts.I could name hundreds that died of this horrible brain disease.Ernest Hemingway,Robin Williams,Prince,Micheal Jackson,Edgar Allen Poe,Jimi Hendricks,Janis Joplin,Whitney Houston,Mickey Mantle,I could go on and on..none of them chose to be one.Get educated on this illness or you can remain part of the problem.I believe in being part of the answer.It starts with kindness…


  21. as a recovering addict of 22+ years I have seen a lot of people friends family and people I don’t know who have lost their lives to addiction. I have seen so many more recover and live productive live and never pick up again. Some with 40 and 50 years clean. We are the lucky ones who have found a new way to live clean. It is possible to never pick up again. 12 step programs work if you give it a chance..


  22. Of course you did not post my first response because it was all true and the truth hurts. I’ll try the short version: Your “letter” is a bad joke and an embarrassment. It has absolutely nothing to do with recovery, and everything to do with the self centered core of addiction. Our job is not to whine like pathetic scabs and “get people to understand us.” Our job is to grow up, make the choice to no longer be drug users, do the needed work that enables us to live decent lives, and lead by example. What you have done here will simply make the ones that hate us despise us even more…so from the bottom of my heart..really….why don’t you shut the fuck up and find something useful to do with your time instead of dwelling upon “how misunderstood addicts are.” It’s pathetic.


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