Social Media Warning for Parents

Social Media is an awesome tool but recently we found a whole drug world we knew nothing about.  Tumblr is a popular social media franchise with teens and young adults. I was looking for some new platforms to spread awareness about the heroin epidemic so I joined Tumblr.  The first thing I did was search the word heroin, OMG!!

Parents, if you have middle school or high school kids in your home you need to read this! Tumblr is a scary place.  No joke, check it out for yourself.  There are profiles and profiles dedicated to promoting drug use.  We are not talking about smoking some pot either. These kids are posting pictures of themselves shooting up heroin, cocaine and basically flaunting any and all drugs on their profiles as though it were something to celebrate. They post pictures of their stashes and piles of money, it’s like a competition to see who has the best and largest selection of illegal drugs.




The above photos are just a drop in the bucket.  You need to go to Tumblr yourself and see, just click the word Tumblr here and you will be on your way.

There are many ways the youth today buy drugs online and this type of content on Tumblr leads me to believe that the information your child would need to buy online is right at their fingertips if they belong to this community.

Holy Addiction is looking to partner up with a few people to try to make Tumblr stop allowing these profiles to continue to promote drug use to our communities and loved ones.  Please send me a message if you are interested in joining us.

Please share this message with anyone who has children in their home.  Tumblr needs to explain why these profiles are not only left up but why are there so many?    Tell me what you think.


Author: Recovery Reports


2 thoughts on “Social Media Warning for Parents”

  1. Good article Joann. Parents need to be aware of what is on social media and what the younger generation is seeing on these sites. My daughter was on this site before she was allowed to go on fb. Scary . I hope tumbler takes these kind of things down.


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