First Day Out of Rehab

First, day out of rehab and my world has closed in on me,
Every corner has my parents jumping out,
If only they understood what this does,
I have to do the fighting not them,
For some reason, they think it’s their duty,
But this duty is pushing me to my edge,
Is this my recovery or their recovery,
Are they doing this out guilt or mercy,
Maybe it’s their way of keeping me sober,
The sad truth is they don’t have a clue,
Nothing is keeping me clean but me,
Do this, do that, that’s not going to work,
How do they know, they need to step back,
But I’m feeling like a rat in a cage,
A puppet on my parent’s strings,
If I try to break out and do my own thing,
Then little whispers float in the air,
You are going to relapse if you don’t listen,
Man it makes me mad,
Almost mad enough to throw my hands up,
I know they are worried about me,
But this has to be my recovery,
I must find my own way,
If I fall down then I have to figure out how to get up,
Without this being my recovery it means nothing at all,
I need space because this can’t continue,
Nothing healthy will come out of this, nothing.

Author: Recovery Reports


7 thoughts on “First Day Out of Rehab”

  1. Even knowing that every word you say is true, it’s hard for a parent not to hover around, and try to “help.” I’ve talked to many parents of addicts, and found that their patterns of behaviour tend to be very similar. The support group, Families Anonymous, offers guidelines on how to behave toward the addict, but they are sometimes difficult to stick with, even with so much at stake.
    Thank you for another great post.

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      1. I like to think I’ve stopped doing it, but I saw my daughter a couple of hours ago, and I couldn’t resist asking her if whe was still engaging with the drugs services. Questions like that often end in tears or lies.

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