What do I do when the thing I am fighting is me?

It’s like I don’t have control of my actions.

Truly like someone else takes the wheel with every thought of reaching out to make a deal.

With every sharp word they say I want to scream I don’t have control.

The last thing I want is to use again.

I mean where do I go from here?

Heroin, oh my that would be bad.

If I did that I don’t think I would come back.

The pills are so tempting and even methadone but heroin would kill me and definitely take my soul.

Thank God, I haven’t seen it because if I did. I wouldn’t be here writing I would be somewhere dead.


Author: Recovery Reports


5 thoughts on “SAVE MYSELF FROM ME?”

  1. That’s heartrending. The use of upper case letters is really effective – makes it seem like your shouting at yourself.
    For some reason, when I came to your blog earlier, I thought you’d only just started it – I only saw two posts. I must have been distracted.

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  2. I left my ex-husband because he was an alcoholic who continued to deny he had a problem. Meeting and hearing from recovering addicts is so inspiring to me. I’ve only ever know the addict. So to meet a recovering addict gives me hope. I think you are brave beyond belief to face down your demons every day. I’ve been on the outside looking in and have glimpsed the torture of addiction. You are doing great! Keep fighting with that other half of you. Rather fight addiction to the death, than let addiction kill you. Continue in your courageous journey. I admire you

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