This Monster of Mine

Addiction and I, brush past each other as quick as it takes to swallow a pill, or tear open the strip that lies and says this is sobriety.

Never do I acknowledge addictions presence. There is no way to do that without facing this life sentence.

I chose you at first, to help ease the pain; ironically 20 years later, you’re driving me insane.

Out of nowhere, laying in bed and all of a sudden, this monster is jumping, inside my head. My body starts sweating while freezing too. Addiction is ready to take control, working up a plan of what to put me through.

Knowing what’s coming, is scary as Hell. It will take months for me to get well.

The monster of addiction stomps through my body, not missing a spot, with the power of a juggernaut.

My stomach is weak, legs are jerking, as my nerves stand up tall. I got myself into this, so I must face it all.

Today is day one. My monster tells me this is just a rerun.

Please pray I make it through this night. This monster of mine is ready to fight.
image by Aaron Griffin

Author: Recovery Reports


One thought on “This Monster of Mine”

  1. Monsters can actually be angels. They tell us how far along the road we’ve travelled. Remind us of our triggers, test our limits and guide us in the right direction, keep us grounded. If you feel you’re being tested, possibly it could be Life’s way of proving to you how far you’ve come, how strong you’ve become and that you can have faith in yourself, your choices, your abilities


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